What I've Learnt From Renting A Student House

WOWWWWWW This year has been stressful. Whilst dealing with the jump from first year to second (yes, that is a VERY big one), we’ve also been dealing with a few house issues. And, as we were a little naive at the beginning of the year, these issues have escalated and it just… View Post

Everyone’s Had A ‘Friend’ Like Megan #LoveIsland

Honestly? I did NOT expect to be writing an impromptu blog post tonight, never mind about love island. But, with all the drama that’s just kicked off, I don’t think I can stay quiet either. Just in case you missed tonight’s ep (or like, the WHOLE of your twitter feed),… View Post

My 7 Summer Must-Haves

Ahhh.. Summer.. nice to see you again. As the weather (hopefully) gets hotter, there’s 7 things that I simply must-have to get me through the season (apart from things like hay fever tablets and a crap-tonne of deodorant, of course). 1. Comfy Sandals There is NOTHING worse than an uncomfortable… View Post

Happy 2nd Birthday LifeThroughTSG!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to ma bloggggggg, happy birthday to you! We’ve been around for a whole 2 years now; it’s gone so fast! I genuinely remember writing my first ever blog post, aw, so cute. So, I thought in a cute-little-reminiscing style, why… View Post

Life Online; What Is Privilege and When Should We Acknowledge It?

Everyone’s favourite social media app for ensuring we’re all 100% politically correct has been at it again this week with the arguing. And, once again, the subject of the ever-growing debate? Privilege. Or, more specifically, Alfie Deyes’ privilege. Some say that others are jealous, others say that Alfie is wrong,… View Post