Father's Day Gift Guide (For The Awkward Father)

Okay, so Father’s Day. Hands up if you find ya dad really difficult to buy for? 🙋 I know I do! So, I’ve compiled a list of super unique gifts to hopefully give you some inspiration. Think of me as your fathers day gift guide Guardian angel! Thortful.com* Thortful actually contacted… View Post

Ardell Wispies Mascara; Does It Work?!

Duh-duh-duhhhhh. It’s the moment of truth. Now it’s gotta be said, I love Ardell. Their lashes are cruelty free and look amazing and are affordable- they’re just an all round great brand! But, I’ve never tried any of their actual cosmetic products. Until recently, when I was doing a cheeky… View Post

The Wedding Diaries; A Virtual Wedding?! #AD

Sounds like something off of Black Mirror, right?! Well, actually, Virtual Weddings is a company that uses new technology to film your wedding ceremony in 360, so you can watch it back in VR! Providing clients with a basic VR headset, they can rewatch their special day in a fully… View Post

To Brag Or Not To Brag? That is the Question.

Ahhhh, ‘bragging’. This is something that I have struggled with my whole life. So much so, that I’ve often refused to celebrate my achievements. I’ve asked family members to delete congratulatory posts from social media, refrained from sharing good news, heck, I even got embarrassed when I won more school… View Post

Why I've Switched to Decaf and #CoffeeCulture

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. I apologise that it has featured a lot in my latest posts (lol), but that’s just how the schedule fell. I can not remember when it became a part of my daily routine, but it quickly did without me realising it. I’d treat myself to a Starbucks… View Post