Top Tips To Be Productive AF

Ahhhhh… productivity, we meet again. Don’t we all just wish that the productivity fairy would visit us in the night and check off our to-do lists? I’m not a fan of this society that seems to suggest that we all need to be Uber-productive 24/7, I like to chill too,… View Post

A Foundation AND A Concealer?! Milani 2in1 Conceal and Perfect- Foundation and Concealer

Okay, how can a product be a concealer and a foundation you must be thinking? I was just as confused. But, I’ve been trying out the Milani Prime Correct Primer recently, and I absolutely love it. Plus- it’s cruelty free! So, I thought why not give the foundation a go?!… View Post

Privacy Policy Update

Please note, in compliance with the new GDPR laws, the privacy policy for this website has been updated. Read it here. View Post

University Update; The End Of Second Year!

Read my start of second year update here. AHHHHH! I DID IT! I (just about) managed to completed second year at university, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s over. The jump between first year and second was, like, hugeeee and I feel like no-one really prepared me for it.… View Post

Let’s Talk Modern Day Feminism (And Why I’m Not A Fan)

Ahhh, this is such a touchy subject I hear you say. Yup, it really is. And I’m a little scared. But I’m gonna try and explain myself best I can, so here goes. *gulps* If you ask me if I’m a feminist, I will say yes. Of course I am.… View Post