My Biggest Goal

*que Shane Ward belting THAT’S MY GOAAAAAAAL* Okay, so I think it’s about time to talk about this now. To be completely honest, I think Zack is the only person that actually knows this, or that I’ve actually admitted this too. There seems to be some weird stigma about this… View Post

The Wedding Diaries; ‘You’ll Want To Lose A Bit Of Weight Before Your Wedding’

TW: weight loss/dieting Something that I’ve heard time and time again whilst wedding planning (and we’ve been officially planning for less than a year) is You’ll want to lose a bit of weight before your wedding And I’ve been told this by an array of people. People who are close… View Post

Stuff I've Been Loving So Far This Spring (Favourites!)

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks Okay, okay, I know I talk about these a lot, and I featured them in my Bloggers Made Me Buy It post, but I couldn’t not include them! Look how pretty they are!! They are my ultimate faves. The Good Place This show is… View Post

Transitioning Into Spring; Look Book in Collaboration with Blackbetty! *INCLUDES DISCOUNT CODE*

Hello, hello, hello! A few weeks ago I was contacted by a brand called Blackbetty, who I'd actually never heard of before! They kindly offered to give me a gift card to spend on their site in exchange for a post, so I thought why not pick up some spring-themed items ready for the transition? If you're just here for the discount code, I'll get that outta the way right now. Use code … View Post