Make It Yourself; Yummy DIY Summer Drinks To Help You Ditch The Plastic!

Okay, so I have to admit it, my plastic use wasn’t really something that I was too worried about a few months ago. I bought a Starbucks coffee in a plastic cup, or a bottle of water, or a bottle of soft drink pretty much every day and it never… View Post

Wedding Guest Outfits; The Nightmare Of All Nightmares!

*SIGH* I love a good wedding, I really do, and the one that I went to a few weeks ago was a lovely day! But, I’ve got to be honest, finding an outfit for it wasn’t easy. If you follow me on social media and have seen my tweets/instagram stories… View Post

Modern Long-Distance Relationships, and How To Make Them Easier

Ahhhhhhh… long distance. Some people love it, some people hate it but, like it or not, sometimes they’re necessary. In modern times, they’re much easier then they used to be. No more having to send a telegram or trying to send a letter via pigeon, we have new technology that… View Post

Me, Myself and Pie; On My Relationship With Food

TW: eating disorders, dieting, vomit and weight loss. Do you like my title? It was actually the title of my A-Level coursework where I wrote the first chapter of an autobiography, and I’ve always wanted to reuse it for a blog post. Anyway, I have a much more important topic… View Post

9 Things I Wish That Someone Had Told Me Before I Started University

I have been at university for almost 2 years, but there are still things that I wish I’d have known every day. See, I’m the first in my family to go to university so I didn’t have an older sibling to mentor me, or a parent to discuss their experience… View Post