The Wedding Diaries; Elegance Of Happiness Wedding Fayre at King Power Stadium #AD*

Hello, hello, hello! If you follow me on any social media platform (and if not then you totally should 😉), you will know that I recently attended a wedding fayre curtesy of Elegance of Happiness. Elegance of Happiness are an events organisation and network company, who operate within the midlands and… View Post

Accepting That I Will Never Be An Insta 'IT Girl'

Scrolling through my insta feed can often leave me feeling a little deflated. There are so many ‘IT girls’; you know the ones. I see so many gorgeous girls posing in Gucci belts, wearing their coat off of their shoulders, and looking all-round amazing. And it’s been this way for… View Post

8 Things That Moving Out Has Taught Me

Ahhh, moving out, it can be a little scary, right? But, it’s also a massive learning lesson. I didn’t believe all the people that told me how much I’d learn from it, I liked to think that I was already a super-duper grown-up adult. And reader, I was not. I… View Post

Wedding Fayre at King Power Stadium Leicester! #AD*

This is just a little post to let you know that I will be attending a wedding fayre in Leicester this Sunday 25 March 11am until 3pm! Entry is free of charge, and includes a goody bag! All you have to do is book your ticket HERE. There will be… View Post

A Letter To Spring

Dear Spring, You officially begin on Tuesday, and I’m rather excited. After a long, long, lonnnnnnnnng, dark winter (why is it still snowing in March?), I simply cannot wait for you to bring your sunshine. I’m maybe not as desperate for you this year as I was last year spring,… View Post