Anxiety Update: Being a 20 year old who’s scared of nightmares

NEW POST! An Anxiety Update all about being scared of anxiety nightmares. This is very open and honest XO… View Post

Behind the Blog: Public Photo Shoot Fails!

So, I recently had a blog brainstorming afternoon with my lovely friend Abbey where we took a few photos in a local, public place (check out her blog, it’s great!). During this, we had a little bit of a weird experience, and Abbey came up with the idea of this post for… View Post

Life Update; Starting Driving Lessons! (And Driving With Anxiety)

So, you may know if you follow me on social media that I recently started driving lessons. I know that driving isn’t a big thing for most people but, I’ve just turned 20, and I have officially put off learning to drive for a whole 3 years simply because people told… View Post

Can you be in love at 13? Ageism in relationships.

Small disclaimer before we begin; in this post I am referring to relationships in which both parties consent and are of a reasonable age to do so.  As someone who fell in love with my (now) fiancé at the age of 13, ageism is certainly not alien to me. I have mentioned it *a… View Post

The Next 20 Years…

Hello, hello, hello! So I know that I already published a post on my birthday, but that was a look back on what I’ve learnt in the last 20 years. This post, however, is more of a bucket list as it contains 20 things that I’m hoping to accomplish in… View Post