Cruelty Free, Vegan Deodorant- Hit Or Miss? Collaboration with Ben&Anna*

Hello, hello, hello! Today I have got a review that I know A LOT of people were interested in when I originally teased back in December, and it’s finally here! So, for quite a bit of time now, I have been trying out this deodorant kindly sent to me by… View Post

Why Am I So Bad At Taking Breaks?

If there’s one thing that I simply cannot do, it’s take a break. You’ve probably realised this if you’ve followed me for, well, about 2 weeks. I always say I’m going to have a break, and I never do. I mean, for gods sake, I started this blog the week… View Post

The 7 Lessons That 2017 Taught Me

I missed my Wednesday upload because I was going to have ‘a break’ and I really didn’t like it. This blog brings me joy, and to stop posting really does effect me. So yeah, I’ve decided to write about the 7 lessons that 2017 has taught me. 2017 was a… View Post

2018… Where To Go From Here

Hello, hello, hello… it’s now officially 2018! We’re two days in, I’ve broken my New Years Resolution of eating less cheese about 120 times, and I have absolutely 0 scheduled content, oops. This isn’t like me. I like to have everything scheduled in advance and I like to be prepared.… View Post