Discount Codes

Is this a betrayal to my twitter bio? Perhaps. But it’s come to a point where I’ve got a few codes and I’m a bit confused about them myself, so I thought why not put them in a post to refer people to?! Although, I promise, there is not a… View Post

Matching Your Fragrance To The Month? Secret Scent Box Review! INCLUDING DISCOUNT CODE*

Hello, hello, hello! Today I’m going to be telling you all about my new discovery, Secret Scent Box.* This is a monthly subscription box that costs just £15 (with free delivery)! And, for the price you get 3 designer fragrances delivered through your door every 30 days (don’t worry about… View Post

2017 Gift Guide For Him!

Although this gift guide says for him, many of the gifts are suitable for pretty much anyone! I’ve just based the ‘for him’ on the people that I know and love in my life. So, without further ado, let’s go! Intempo Bluetooth Turntable I actually cannot believe the price of… View Post

Give Back This Christmas: 2017 Charity Gift Guide!

Hello, hello, hello! So, after a recent thread on my twitter about gifts that you can get from charities I thought, why not put it in a gift guide? I, personally, find that there’s no better gift than a gift that’s good and does good by giving back to those… View Post

£50 Zoella Calendar?! Here’s a charity alternative!

Hey! So this was originally a thread on twitter (and it’s still there) but it was suggested to me to record it on my blog too. It makes sense really as threads are often lost on twitter, so just in case anyone ever wants to find it again, here’s a… View Post