Am I Brave Enough To Be A Blogger?

This is something that I have never explicitly thought about, but I guess has always been there. If you’ve been following me since I started, you’ll know that I first started this blog anonymously under ‘H’. I didn’t post any personal details about myself, nor any pictures of myself, nor… View Post

Anxiety Update: When It All Got Bad Again

Trigger warning: Mentions of mental health digression Hello! If you read my last anxiety update, you’ll know that I was actually having a pretty good time. I liked how positive my last update was, and I was in two minds about writing this post for that exact reason, because I… View Post

Small Business Gift Guide!

I’ve really tried to change up my gift guides this Christmas, and this one is one that I’ve been looking forward to a lot! As a blogger, many of my friends/people I follow on the internet own small businesses. Now, I’ll be honest, I am the first to admit that I don’t… View Post

Work hard? Work Smart! Brain Füd Review!* *INCLUDES DISCOUNT CODE*

I didn’t know what to call this post for a really long time. I wanted to be witty and original, but in all truth, I am just bloody shattered. Student life tends to get pretty intense around this time of year, and that, along with anxiety, has left me feeling worn out… View Post

Personalised Cakes Through Your Door! Letter Box Cake Review and GIVEAWAY!*

Hey!! I apologise for the influx of reviews lately, I am trying to squeeze some exciting content in before LifeThroughTSG gets all festive for blogmas! Anyway, today my blogging dreams came true because….. *drumroll*….. bakerdays agreed to send me a personalised cake, in exchange for this review! YES PEOPLE, I… View Post