SS17 Day to Night Look!

Hello there! A little different today, a fashion post, ooooh, I haven’t written one of those for a while! But, I just loved my outfit this weekend so wanted to write about it, simple. If I’m honest, I did want to do a full look book as I loved doing… View Post

10 Things That I Would Save In A Fire

  Hello! Today I have a little tag all about the top ten things I would grab if my house was on fire!  My Phone This one is first because it would probably be supeeeeer close to me, if not in my hand! I mean, I need this for practical reasons… View Post

The Gift Of Song? #Ad

Hello there! Today I’m going to tell you about/review THE BEST gift idea I have ever heard of, the gift of song! Recently, I received an email from a company called Songfinch, a company who LITERALLY give the gift of song. How does it work? You simply fill out a… View Post