University: Expectations Vs Reality

Hello there! Today I’m gonna bust some of the uni myths for you all, and some expectations that I had before I came here. Although this will be from personal experience, I’m hoping it’s relatable so you can learn what to expect or have a little giggle if these things… View Post

Testing Pound Land Makeup!

Helloooooo! A little bit of a different post today, for me anyway. I recently watched some YouTube videos of people testing out primark/ other cheap makeup brands so I decided to go for the cheapest of the cheap, Poundland! A small disclaimer before we begin, I ain’t a makeup artist… View Post

Favourites ✨

It’s that time of the season where I share everything I’ve been loving so far! And this post does not disappoint, I’ve been loving so many different things this season! Let’s get straight to it because there’s quite a bit to get through… Lancôme Juicy Shakers I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.… View Post

A Wedding Planner’s Advice for Planning the Perfect Wedding

So, a bit of a different post today, but one I am so excited to share with you all! Recently I was contacted by the lovely James of who put me in touch with a wedding planner. The wedding planner, Elaine, agreed to do an interview for my blog… View Post