Why doesn't the fashion world cater for me?

Hello there!  Today I just wanted to talk to you a little about something that’s really bothering me. So, I have a pretty big chest size (36 G) and a size 10 waist, my body is just completely out of proportion. And, as you can probably understand from this, finding… View Post

5 Steps To Help Grow Your Instagram

Ok, so small disclaimer. I am no instagram guru. I don’t even have 1,000 followers and I’m nowhere near ‘#instafamous’. But, my instagram has improved drastically these last few months. In the space of less than a week, my engagement quadroupled and all I did was a few minor things.… View Post

What To Do When You're Having A Down Day

Hello there! Today’s post is all about how to get yourself out of a slum. Down days are something I often have for an array of reasons and sometimes for no reason at all. They tend to limit my productivity which is annoying and inconvenient, so I’ve started to find… View Post

What's In My Uni Bag?

Hello there! I’ve never done one of these types of post before, but I have a pretty good system for packing my uni bag at the moment so I thought I would share it. In my uni bag I have:  My purse- obviously for buying things like food! My pencil… View Post

Engagement Party Photo Diary 💍

So today I’ve just got a few pics from my engagement party to share with you all. I didn’t take nowhere near as many as I hoped, so this post is out of my normal scheduling just to give you a few so you can see what it was like.… View Post