5 World Issues I'd Love To Change

Hi there!  Funnily enough, I’m actually writing this post in the car (I’m not driving) and I’m writing it simply because this journey has made me realise just how many things I hate about the world that I want to change. So here’s a few.. 1. The Consumption Of Meat… View Post

My 5 Year Plan

Helloooooooo Ok, so to be completely honest, I’ve never ever ever written a 5 year plan before! However, as I’m 18 now and about to begin a new chapter of my life, I’ve decided to write a little blog post about where I want to be in 5 years time!… View Post

My Experience With The Contraceptive Implant

This is such a strange blog post to write for me, it's so much more personal than I'm used to! But, I'm writing this for a good reason! I'm bloody sick of the implant getting nothing but bad press! Now, I know everyone's experiences are different, but when I was told the implant was the only option left for me, I was terrified because the only things I could find online were horror stories, eek! So, I'm going to share my experience and, please, feel free to share yours in the comments! I'm not saying the implant is the best choice or even works for everyone, but I am saying that it works for me, so let's just get that one straightened out!… View Post