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Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review

Hey there! So this week’s product that I shall be reviewing is a Kylie Jenner lipkit and a Kylie Jenner metals gloss thing (doesn’t really give an exact definition on the bottle!). Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in anyway. All opinions are my own. I bought these products purely for my own enjoyment and …


Gaining A New Sibling As An Adult

To be 100% completely honest, when my mother told me she was pregnant I thought she was crazy. I was 17, planning my next step to university and it had been 14 years since she last had and brought up a child! She was also getting older herself, and I just didn’t think she’d be …


Yankee Candle Review!

So the lovely ladies over at Yankee candle sent me some goodies recently. Their only instructions were that they wanted me to HONESTLY review them, I have capitalised honestly because this post is 100% my own opinion and I have not been asked to say anything other than to be honest, which is what I …