My Work Experience Experience- A Week In The World Of Publishing

If you follow me on Twitter, you may notice that I have been much less active than usual this week. This is because I have been on my Work Experience at a local (well 45 minute drive) publishing house! This publishers specialises in the publication of historical books and I… View Post

The Good Girl Book Review

Hi, so if you read my Summer Reading List 2016, you will know that I have recently been reading a book entitled ‘The Good Girl’ by Fiona Neill. As a small side note, I’d like to say that I purchased this book from my local Asda store which had an… View Post

Top 10 Festival Essentials

In recent years, festivals have become more and more popular amongst young adults (such as me!) yet I haven’t really come across a lot of advice for what to actually take to them. So I’ve compiled a top ten list to hopefully help others, as well as myself, remember the… View Post

Depop Review!

Hi there! So, if you didn’t already know, depop is an app that allows you to sell and buy second hand, or even brand new, items of clothing/jewellery or anything else your heart may desire! I am currently using this app to (attempt to) sell some of my old clothes.… View Post

My Top Ten Life Experiences So Far

Although I’m only 18, it has recently occurred to me that I’m always wanting more! I’m forever writing wish lists and bucket lists, so this one is a bit different. Here’s me looking back on and appreciating the past, with my top ten life experiences so far… 10. Starting My… View Post