After the success of my recent post, 10 Things You’ll Know If You Live With a Blogger, I’ve decided to write a post on 10 weird things owned by bloggers. Looking around my room, I own so many random, funny things for blogging, things that other people probably don’t own. Ok, let’s go…
1. Random Blog Props
Stars, diamantes, feathers, ribbons, I’ve got them all stored in a little box.
2. Light/Cinema Box
Do non-blogger people own these? I don’t know. They’re perfect for displaying blog titles, and perfect for the background of YouTube videos.
3. Samples
These little things! These are great for trying products, but they can get a little overwhelming and their small size makes them VERY easy to lose. I often find a sample hiding in a random place, such as my underwear drawer!
4. White Bed Sheets
Are these useful for anything other than blog photos? I think not! (And yes, I do have a serious aversion for white bed sheets, in case you were wondering.)
5. Selfie Light
These are PERFECT for a quick lighting fix! Honestly, they’re a blog photography life saver! But does anyone else actually buy these? I don’t know…
6. Bunting
For the ‘gram innit?!
7.  Rug Samples
I’m not even joking. Rug samples are so goooood for backgrounds, but is there an actual real life use for them? I don’t know. I feel like most people view a rug before buying it, a sample seems a little pointless seen as it isn’t the right size. (Wall paper samples too!)
8. Anything Coconut Lane
Sorry, but does anyone who isn’t a blogger buy from this company? Probs not.
9. Peonies
Does anyone else buy these?! Seems that the bloggers raid them first, as they’re always sold out whenever I go to buy! They do make for a gorgeous Insta pic though..
10. Portable Photo Studio
These are so AMAZING for taking professional looking product shots, and for low lighting situations. But, surely these were made with bloggers in mind? Who else would possibly have a use for these?!
What silly things do you own JUST for blogging? Let me know in the comments!
H x